Volunteer Along with Us: SoySauceOnRice

Welcome to SoySauceOnRice, Daniel and my travel blog as we volunteer and travel around the world.

First, a little about the name. As all of you who know us should know, Daniel is a lovely combination of 2 ethnicities, Japanese and Brazilian and while I’d love to be something a little more exotic as well…..I am straight up American (which of course means a ton of different ethnicities mixed up into one). Anyways, SoySauceonRice is an instagram handle that my sister made up for us when we first started dating. How it came about was one night when Daniel and I were out to dinner at our local ramen spot (we are very proud to be considered regulars here, as it took many Sunday dinners to accomplish this grand feat)…. Anyways, we typically always order the same thing, miso ramen (for me), hiyashi udon (for Daniel) each with a bowl of white rice. The first time we went, we ordered this exact thing and upon receiving my rice, I, like any true American (am I right, Amanda?), started to pour soy sauce on it….but as I look up, I see the disgust on Daniel’s face and I immediately ask “What’s wrong?”. Daniel, in disbelief, replies, “Only Americans put soy sauce on their rice.”

And it just fit perfectly, a true Japanese native dating a true American crossing cultural barriers in a ramen shop…. and from this day and many days after we decided that if we ever became celebrities and had to come up with a combined “couple name” (or a travel blog hashtag 😉 this. would. be. it. So we are proud to introduce #SoySauceOnRice.

Now, a little about our blog! This blog has been requested from many people to follow as we volunteer around the world. I love this idea, not only because I want to make everyone feel involved and a part of our journey but also because it will help us document our wonderful adventures for ourselves so that we can reflect on our journey for many years to come!

With that being said, I plan to make this blog less writing (with the exception of this first post), more pictures … meaning we will mostly post pictures of what we are doing with a small description or caption along with them. We are doing this because honestly we won’t have a lot of time or probably wifi to post long posts and hey! you guys have busy lives… ain’t nobody got time for that!

So love you all and looking forward to our first en-travel-route post!!!!!! Coming: October 10th, 2016.


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