Bon Voyage! 

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together (African saying)”. -provided by Mike Richardson 

By: Melissa (aka the Rice part of SoySauce)

Go far apparently means…. 12 hours of flight, 15 hours of layover, a one hour bus ride, and a 2 hour boat ride… which can do a lot to a couple at the beginning of their 10 month adventure together. The quote suspiciously  doesn’t mention this part. 

Some key items that were absolutely essential to our sanity had to be;

  1. Ostrich Nap Pillow (seriously it’s unreal)
  2. Jansport Fanny Pack (gotta sacrifice looking like a mom for this one, but you have everything always right where you need it, instead of always having to go back and forth to your backpack) 
  3. Previously downloaded episodes of Breaking Bad  and a headphone splitter (necessary for countless hours in San Salvador, El Salvador – ‘where dreams become reality’)
  4. Booking a hotel room at the Holiday Inn for our 9 hour overnight layover in Ecuador, 15 minutes before boarding our flight in El Salvador (so money). Double win; hotel is literally walking distance from the airport. 

Items that decided to put a wrench in our day;

  1. Broken water bottle spilling into our socks throughout the flight 
  2. Pocket Swiss Army knife from the Grand Canyon trying to sneak its way on our trip … apparently trying to bring a knife on the plane gets you an automatic body search and 30 min security delay… (oops)
  3. Tripping and totally eating it in front of a security guard in the parking lot on the way to the hotel. (Where’s the tourist… oh there she is!!! With the huge bag, flat on her face) 

Good news is, we are 2 short hours away from touching down on the widely talked about (mostly from Darwin’s critically acclaimed essay The Origin of Species) islands of the Galapagos!! Stay tuned to hear Daniel’s perspective of these breathtaking islands. 

Bye for now! 


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