Trekking through the Andes Part 2

After our excellent guest blog by Jacob, I decided to not compete with his wittiness and humor but instead just post a lot of photos 🙂 hope you all enjoy them as much as we did taking them!  

*I’m also aware that no one will know how to even begin to pronounce the town or campsites names.. because I don’t either!  

Day 1: Testing our Abilities

Today we started our trek from Marco Casa at 11,318 ft and hiked 6.8 miles to our first campsite at Soraypampa. Notice how fresh and clean we look.


Day 2: Surviving the Bitter Cold 

Hiked an hour to Humantay Lake, chewed some cocoa leaves and hiked back down and then up another 8 miles to Ichupata camp at 13943 ft. The coldest night of the trek, since we were at the base of Salkantay.


Day 3: The Highest of Altitudes – the most challenging day.

Hiked up to 17,060 ft to Salkantay Pass and then back down to Incacanal camp at 12,467 ft in total 8.6 miles. We might look happy but that’s mostly relief and shock that we actually made it up to the top even though taking a full breath of air was near to impossible.


Day 4: or wait… was this the most challenging day?

Hiked 8.6 miles for 11 hours from Ichupata at 12,467 ft to Wayllabamba at 9,842 ft back up to our camp Llulluchapampa at 12,460 ft. Getting a little more interactive with the photos!


Day 5: definitely today… today was the most challenging.

Hiked 10 miles from 12,460 ft to Dead Woma’s Pass at 13,779 ft down to Pacaymayu at 11,700 ft back up to Runkuracay Pass at 13,123 ft and back down to Chaquicocha camp at 11,800 ft.



Day 6: Are those… Other Humans?

Today we hiked from Chaquicocha to Phuyupatamarca at 12,073 ft down to Winay Wayna to camp at 8,792 ft. Started to see other tourists at campsites. In total hiked 3.7 miles.


Day 7: The Macchu Picchu Experience

Woke up at 3:00 am and hiked 3 miles down “Gringo’s Killer” to Sun Gate (first sighting of Macchu Picchu) and then hiked down to arrive at our final destination, Macchu Picchu at 7,873 ft.



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