A Rainy Start in Bocas

We are finally back in our blogging game after a long 2 week hiatus… we have been traveling so much trying to get from Peru back to San Francisco in order to celebrate my cousins wedding, back down to Panama to make it to Bocas, that we haven’t had much downtime to write about our experiences.

However, on this lovely Sunday morning we find ourselves with our first true downtime in the last week we’ve been here (which hey…I’m not complaining, the busier the better!). So let’s dive into a quick recap of our time here thus far.

Getting to Bocas from Panama City was a tad bit difficult. First, we had to switch airports because apparently there are two major airports in Panama City. As we arrive perfectly on time to airport #2 for our next flight we are feeling fairly confident in our travel planning… so much so that we even grab a quick coffee before we board the plane because we have THAT much time (catching the foreshadowing yet…) We board the plane, take down the runway and as we are all nicely positioned to fall asleep …..we turn around and disembark the plane due to a rainstorm. And although it was quite a downfall, I’m from Seattle, I’ve seen worse. We wait in the airport for another 4 hours for the rain to stop and re-board our flight.


Why I bring up this mildly intriguing story is not to bore you to death but to give you a chance to realize something I should have during those four long hours. It’s rainy season folks. And for the next 7 days….. It’s going to rain…. a lot.

Bocas del Toro is a beautiful place, lush jungles, turquoise water, colorful buildings and surrounded by water. You have to take a water taxi everywhere you go because our hostel is on a different island (Bastimentos) than the volunteer house (Punta Rica) which is on yet a different island than the main “town”(Isla Colon).


Water taxi-ing, although sounds quite endearing, can get a bit comical when you get stuck in the rain in one at least once a day. I’m talking full on torrential downpour, soaked to your core and there’s nowhere to go. Which is the best part, you just get soaked by warm, powerful rainfall and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it.

Because of the storms, Bocas has had quite it’s share of power outages… but the best would have to be when we went out to Bocas for one of the volunteer’s last night here. We go to “town” to celebrate and spend some time together. We are having a fun time, bar hopping, listening to live music and checking out the scene… and at about 11:00-11:30 it starts to downpour…but no problem we are in a bar having a great time. At about 11:45, the power goes out. On the entire island. So now we are in a predicament… what do we do now? Plan A: Travel back in the hurricane weather in our water taxi, Plan B: wait it out in the dark, silent bar or Plan C: no one is sure what Plan C is. We decide to head back to our hostel… we, of course, get drench and by the time we arrive back at the dock to the hostel, Daniel and I are looking at each other in our rain coats, shorts and sandals, completely drenched, water streaming down our faces and bodies, laughing about how completely unique this adventure has already been.

Other than the rainstorms… Bocas is lovely….. we have visited the local schools we are volunteering at twice and are extremely excited to have a couple more weeks under our belt to report back about.

We also have already experienced some really fun activities in our short time here… boated to the deserted island of Cayo Zapatillo (the beach they filmed Survivor in 17 different countries), walked to an organic cocoa farm called “Up the Hill” and had an amazing organic brownie, Biked to Paki Point on the main island to lounge in comfy sofas while drinking piña coladas and taking in the amazing view, surfed in the rain at Wizard beach and we’ve only been here for less than a week!

We are so excited for the next 5 weeks and the epic photos and stories that we get to share with you all! Stay tuned!

Cayo Zapatillo
Cayo Zapatillo
Caught in a rainstorm
Lush Jungle Walks
Our Program’s Boat, Sea Monkey, at Wizard Beach
Surfing at Wizard Beach
Wizard Beach


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