Top Ten Reasons to LOVE Bocas Del Toro, Panama 

Well our 6 weeks here in Bocas has snuck up on us and has come to an end with our last day of school being today. We are set off for a weekend in Costa Rica, which is extremely close and easy to travel to from Bocas (another reason to love it here). Then, we head to Panama City for a night and next thing you know we are back in the States just in time for the holidays. But before we leave our lovely life here in Bocas Del Toro, some closing thoughts and pictures of course.

The top ten things we have come to love most about our home here in Bocas Del Toro.

10. The Ocean Water is Warmer than Our Shower. *I should mention that there is no hot water for the shower so it’s kind of cheating but still the water here is so inviting and welcoming it’s like jumping into a bath after a long day. Ideal for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, paddle boarding or just chilling in all day long.

9. We see Jelly Fish and Dolphins on our Way to Work– interesting enough dolphins eat jelly fish so no wonder we see them together! But regardless of the food chain it’s a pretty cool commute to work.

8. The Work Life Balance – the people here have it figured out. The realization that your whole life doesn’t have to be stressed out and consumed by work is refreshing. Although we are only volunteers and have a lot more free time than most, a lot of the independent business owners we have met and have spoken with really seem to love what they do, and enjoy all aspects of their life here in Bocas. Quite simply, Living the Dream.

7. The Starry Nights Combined with the Bioluminescents in the Water -if only we were skilled enough to capture a photo of the nights here. The stars light up the sky and the bioluminescence the sea. This combo is especially rad when we are riding home at night in a water taxi and we can see the stars above and the green sparks of light splashing in the waves below.  🌌🎇🎇🌠🎆

6. The Colors – starting from the bright blue sky scanning down the horizon to the multi colored houses reflecting off the turquoise water is quite breathtaking and something I will never get stick of looking at.

5. The Cool Excursions  – The best and most unique for us was definitely the bat cave, even though it was one of the more terrifying things I’ve done. Pretty much we were swimming chest deep in these pitch black narrow caves with bats flying inches above our heads and GIANT spiders a misplaced hand length away. It was terrifying but thrilling and an experience we will never forget. 

*other great excursions included weaving and coconut classes, a tour of a cocoa farm, going to secluded islands like Starfish beach, Cayó Zapatilla and Polo beach. 

4. The Affordable Living – just little things like renting a bike for $5 to ride out to the point to grab a cerveza for $1.50 and head back to grab a local lunch for $5 allows you to experience most of what Bocas has to offer.


3. The Cute and Cuddly Kiddos – what?!? Did I pick the wrong age group…. these kids are adorable and want to be held or played with 24/7. The preschool is amazing and working with the kids definitely is the highlight of being here.

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2. The Surfing and Paddle Boarding  – not only are we learning to surf at gorgeous beaches in clear, warm water but we are also dropping in from boats that drop us off in the water instead of paddling out from a beach. Even if we are rocking longboards and still looking like newbs it still makes us feel pretty badass. 

1. Give and Surf – such a great organization with truly wonderful people ranging from the employees to the volunteers who pass through. Everyone truly has such a warm heart and passion for helping the world be a better place… it really doesn’t get much better than that.


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