Top Ten List: Stockholm, Sweden

10 quick and easy things to do in 3-4 days in Stockholm:

  1. Walk Old Town – this is where you see all of the pictures of Stockholm and are like “oh my, how quaint. It is adorable here with cafés and side street and cobblestone all over this island.” It is where you should go if you want to fulfill the dream of what Stockholm looks like in your mind.
  2. Get a Semla – You can get one of these anywhere really so just jump into a café and have one of the famous sweets from Sweden because hey your on vacation… indulge 😉 It is a sweet bollito flavored with cardamom and stuffed with almond paste and cream.
  3. Go to the Vasa Museum – A very interesting story about the Vasa Ship that is 98% original from 300 years ago. Worth a visit, especially if you are into museums and history.
  4. Go to the Fotografiska – Check out the exhibits before you go and see if it interests you at all but when we went we stumbled upon the museum and walked into one of the best museums we have been to called We Have a Dream. 
  5. Go to the champagne lounge at Stordic Theater – We didn’t do this but really wanted to. The theater is just that, an old theater, that still has shows but is also a quite social spot with many different “themed bars”, so here is my wish I woulda self-telling you all to go.
  6. Go to pedestrian street in the neighborhood, SoFo. Really nice walk to get a feel for new, hip, trendy Stockholm. Cute boutiques and cafes to wander into.
  7. While you’re in SoFo, go to the Greasy Spoon for breakfast and walk on this street then go to Meatball for the People for lunch/dinner – Yum… not sure how healthy any of these places are but again you aren’t going to find a ton of Swedish food in Sweden so you should get what you can! Greasy Spoon is a really cute breakfast spot that has amazing food. Walk around the pedestrian streets in SoFo and end up at Meatball for the People to try some Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes…simply delicious and actually Swedish!
  8. Stay on a hostel/boat AF Chapman – A very unique hostel that is on a ship. The hostel itself is pretty average but the idea of sleeping on the ship in the middle of the channel is pretty neat and a cool experience as well as inexpensive, so if you are going to hostel route, might as well stay here!
  9. Watch the changing of the guards at noon in the summer at the Royal Palace – again we were not here in the summer but apparently the changing of the guards in the summer is a big event everyday at 12:15 and is a cool thing and much less of a hassle than seeing it a Buckingham palace.
  10. Go to a concert in the Royal Garden in the summer – Because who doesn’t like a concert in a garden across from Royalty?

*Check out our sweet GoPro video about Stockholm here



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