Top Ten List: Lisbon


1. Chiado: A pedestrian street that takes you through a cute shopping district, more mainstream shops here.

2. Lx Factory: Local designer and artists warehouse with restaurants and concert halls.


IMG_09693. Bikes: Rent bikes and bike along the water that takes you all the way to the old city, Belem.

4. Take Trolley/Tuk Tuk: If you aren’t from San Francisco and are kind of over the whole Trolley scene, it is a fun and different way to get up and down all of the hills of Lisbon.


5. Pasteis de Nata: Incredible little pastries made with eggs, sugar and deliciousness. Try one you won’t regret it…

IMG_09576. Timeout Market: A great idea that should be implemented in all major cities. It’s a food market indoors ran by Timeout, great spot to try all the different types of food you been craving in Lisbon.

7. Restaurants: Pistola and Corazon (Mexican), Taberna Rua das Flores (Tapas), both had long waits, we are talking 1-2 1/2 hours minimum, however, if you go on off hours or just don’t mind waiting the food and experience is well worth it.

8. Rooftop Bars: The Park and The Terrace. The Park is a bar on top of a parking lot, hard to spot but a beautiful view especially at sunset and young trendy vibe.

Day Trips/Historical Sites

9. Cascais: If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of Lisbon head to Cascais and enjoy the quaint beach town.IMG_0905

10. Sintra: Only an hour from Lisbon, you can enjoy the charming city and vacation palaces of Portugal.




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