Top Ten List: Copenhagen

  1. Go to Copenhagen Street Food Market either for some day drinking and lunch or for dinner. It is a great indoor food market in an old warehouse with the most delicious tasting and looking food from all types of cuisine and drinks galore. You won’t be disappointed.
  2. Go get some porridge at Grod – if there is something that Daniel and I aren’t totally proud of but we do, is we HAVE to try the local food no matter how unappetizing it sounds. For example, here in Denmark that unappetizing food is porridge, which made us feel a little like Oliver Twist. So imagine our delight when we tasted an amazing bowl of porridge with caramel peanut butter sauce, almonds and apples on a cold Copenhagen day. Amazing.
  3. Try some grilled cheese at Faeter and FaeterYou can’t really go wrong with grilled cheese, but one thing I really appreciated about this place was the atmosphere, which was laid back, kinda vulgar attitude and bite sized grilled cheeses.
  4. Venture out to the meatpacking district to the outdoor food market on Saturday or Sunday – It was a clear blue day…and also hailing when we went to this food market, but that didn’t even bother us because it was completely crowded and fun. People were playing bocce, there was an acapella group, a band and all the most delicious foods and drinks you could enjoy to keep us warm and happy.
  5. Walk down the longest pedestrian street in Europe and go shopping – It’s kinda just one of those kill a couple of hours things to do, maybe get something cute to wear that night or just enjoy not having to dodge the cars and bicycles for a while.
  6. Definitely go to Tivoli, the second oldest amusement park in Europe, and enjoy even if you think you are too old for amusement parks. We went here kinda on a whim and it was great. A different vibe than the usual theme parks in the states, older, more charm and plenty of things going on to make it worth your time to stop in.
  7. If you are feeling adventurous look into “Copenhot”, hot tubs that are on the bay and serve you alcohol. We happened to be strolling past the bay on our way to our second visit at the Copenhagen Food Market (it’s that cool) and we saw right next to us on the bay little tug boats, with hot tubs in the middle of them, with people in the middle of them, with drinks in the middle of them. It just seemed like a good time and only for 30 E/2 hours.
  8. Take a hour to hang out in Freetown/Christiana – an interesting neighborhood right in the main area of Copenhagen, a place that means what it is called, meaning you can buy marijuana on the streets and people are hanging out, eating, drinking coffee or beer and smoking around you. If that isn’t your scene, which isn’t really mine, I just enjoyed admiring the wall art and vibe while hanging out at the parks for a while. It is definitely worth a quick walk through the downtown part.
  9. Walk through Norresbro neighborhood – check out the scene, nightlife and brewery here – just a great neighborhood with all kinds of things going on to have a fun afternoon/night hanging around.
  10. Rent bikes and bike around to see the major tourist attractions in Copenhagen – Copenhagen is a total bike-able city, so instead of walking everywhere or using public transportation, get your bike on and make it out to those tourist attractions that maybe seemed a little too far out of your reach and make a day out of it!

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