Cities We Crossed Paths with Along the Way: Part 2 (Europe Edition)

Athens, Greece:

Pro: It’s the beginning of all things! Not exactly but if you are into Greek and Roman mythology, civilizations and history… there is no better place than Athens. With the Parthenon, Acropolis and Ruins, it is quite simply historic.

Con: Although increasingly better by the day, the graffiti on the walls is noticeable and it’s probably wise to start island hopping after a day or two.


Berlin, Germany:img_20170221_200716

Pro: Again, if you love WWII history and are really interested in what, where, when, who, and how of WWII, Berlin is a city of history.

Con: Kind of gloomy, weather isn’t ideal, isn’t very “beautiful” as you imagine other places in Europe to be and very exclusive – meaning didn’t make us feel super welcome.

Munich, Germany

Pro: Wow, what a different feel from Berlin. Munich is what the Germans say is the biggest little village. Which personally I haven’t been here long enough to completely understand, but it is such a lovely welcoming place. Munich has a arms wide open approach to people and a very welcoming vibe which I loved. We went to “Springfest” known as “Little Oktorberfest” one of the days, which was exciting. We also went to visit Dachau, the 1st concentration camp in Germany, which was a very moving and impactful experience that was well worth the visit.

Con: When we were there it rained and actually snowed the entire time… and it was April… so that was quite unpleasant. However, I can imagine that going when it is sunny out is beautiful and an extremely different experience with the beer gardens and English Garden and everything else that is here in this city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pro: Oh you mean the best place on earth? Haha joking but kinda serious… I loved it here but mostly because the people are friendly and liberal and the town itself has amazing history but also is so quaint and picturesque. Get lost walking the streets and don’t even mind hours later when you can’t find your way home.

Con: Supposedly the weather is bad, although we did not encounter this, supposed to be a cloudy and cold city.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Pro: The trendiest, hippest place this side of Europe. Holy jeeze it’s consider one of the most “liveable” places in Europe it ain’t lying. We spent 4 days here and we went to 3 food markets which were incredible (if you’re from SF think “off the grid”). We visited Freetown, true to it’s name and spotted a hot tub fully loaded with people and champagne in the middle of the bay. Gotta love it here.

Con: Cold. And windy.


Salerno, Italy

Pro: A great little city to stop in at the end of the Amalfi Coast with trendy stores, good food places and a beautiful view of the coastline. Great city to stay in while taking day trips to the coast, or Sicily.

Con: Salerno is definitely a small city in a coastline of beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast, so depending on your tastes you’ll have to pick which you prefer for yourself.

Taken in Positano, not Salerno…but same same 😉
Palermo, Italy

Pro: Really cool town in Italy with 2 massive pedestrian walks that pretty much take you through the heart of the city. Great open air food markets and really friendly people. Also, the scenery around Palermo is gorgeous and good for day trips.

Con: Not the most beautiful or historical part of Italy so can seem underwhelming after you toured the other big hitter cities.


Naples, Italy


Pro: Pizza. Pizza. Pizza… did I mention pizza? It is definitely worth a stop through Naples to get some high quality pizza.

Con: Naples is not the prettiest place in Italy, it seems kind of run-down but with a particular charm. I wouldn’t recommend staying here for a prolonged period of time just because it didn’t seem as charismatic as other places in Italy. However, it is definitely worth stopping through to get some delicious pizza!


San Gimignano, Italy

P0-8ro: This is a really traditional cute Tuscan town that we stop in on our tour de Italia! It’s pretty much a medieval town with stone and concrete on all the walkways and buildings but with a unique catch! It is in this town where you can find world champion gelato, which in our opinion is well worth the stop.

Con: I don’t know what you would do after you got the gelato…..



Figueres, Spainimg_0155

Pro: Great Dali museum(s). And let me tell you Dali is the man… I don’t know why the Spanish artists are just the most unique and ingenious but man are they interesting! You can even do the Dali triangle if you have time and make a visit to the coast to check out his house museum.

Con: Not a lot to do here other than the Dali museum(s).


Girona, Spain

Pro: Cute medieval town 45 minutes outside of Barcelona., so if you’re looking for a day trip spot, it’s a quick train ride away.

Con: Only can spend a day or two here.


Lisbon, PortugalIMG_0967

Pro: If you like San Francisco… this is the place to go. Lisbon has great food, trendy places, and a unique vibe with lots of young and innovative people wandering the streets.

Con: Just like San Francisco there are a lot of people and hills. So be prepared for some strenuous walking and a lot of waiting in line… which isn’t always ideal.


Algarve, Portugal

Pro: Gorgeous beaches and scenery, also is still “untouched” so it still has a special charm.

Con: The beaches seem to be the thing to do here, so you should go during summer.


Cascais and Sintra, Portugal

Pro: Cute little towns right on the beach, outside of Lisbon. Cascais is a super cute town worth taking a long weekend if in Lisbon and need a break from the city. Sintra is an historical part of Portugal with plentiful palaces and castles to visit. This is where European royalty from other countries used to vacation.

Con: You need a car to get from Cascais to Sintra and the other stops along the way.


And now we are off to Southeast Asia to explore a whole new kind of culture! Stayed tuned for “Cities Visited: Asia Edition” in a few months!!!

*No major Spanish and Italian cities are listed here because they were included on a previous blog post  here or here … didn’t wanna be repetitive 😉


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