Travel Timeline (Places and Dates)

October 8th – October 23rd: Volunteer with IOI Galapagos in Isabela

October 23rd – October 28th: Cartagena, Colombia

October 28th – November 8th: Inca Trail in Lima/Cusco. Peru

November 8th – November 14th: San Francisco, California (Yountville, CA)

November 14th – December 21st: Give and Surf, Bocas del Toro, Panama

December 21st – January 3rd: San Francisco, California

January 3rd – April 4th: Barcelona, Spain

January 30th-February 4th: Sweden

February 11th- February 22nd: Athens – Amsterdam – Berlin

February 28th – March 12th: Italy

March 14th – March 30th: Spain and Portugal

March 31st – April 16th: New York City, New York

April 16th – April 28th: Copenhagen, Munich

April 28th-May 8th: Chiang Mai, Thailand — Elephant Nature Park

May 8th – June 13th: Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand,Singapore)

June 14th – June 18th: Seoul, South Korea

June 18th – July 18th: Japan